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An initiative that is headed for the November ballot would directly attack Proposition 13, removing its protection from business properties and requiring counties to reassess them to market value on a regular basis.

This is the “split roll” proposal, so called because it splits the list of taxable properties (the county assessor’s tax roll) into separate sections for business and residential properties, then treats them differently for tax purposes.

This would be a massive tax increase on every business in California, raising the price of everything you buy. It would raise taxes on supermarkets, shopping centers, car dealerships, office buildings, movie theaters, medical offices, restaurants, hotels and every other commercial
or industrial property statewide. Even the smallest kiosk that sells gifts in a shopping mall during the holiday season would see a rent increase due to the reassessment of the mall property and the huge tax increase that would result.

HJTA will be fighting to protect Proposition 13 from this attack, which we believe is “step one” of a long-term plan to destroy Proposition 13 completely and raise taxes on every homeowner.

We’re counting on you, our valued Members, to help us win this war.

You can help by signing up for HJTA e-mail alerts and keeping your friends informed too. You can also download our Neighborhood Handout to “tell a friend” about HJTA, or show your friends our Guessing Game tax calculator that allows you to see your shocking tax bill if we lost Prop. 13.

For information about our campaign to stop the split-roll initiative, visit Support the Campaign to Protect Prop. 13. On that page of our website, you can request a free yard sign for the November election (they’ll be available later this year, after we know the proposition number that will be assigned to the split-roll ballot measure).

You can also download our flyer titled, “What is ‘Split Roll’ (and why should I be terrified of it)?” The flyer may be printed or e-mailed, or call our offices to request copies.

And there’s one more thing you can do to help. Call your state representatives and urge them to oppose the costly and damaging split-roll initiative. Tell them you’re a Member of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and you support Proposition 13 — without any changes to this landmark taxpayer protection. You can find the names and contact numbers for your representatives by visiting findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov, or check the government pages of your local phone book.

Together, we will win this battle to protect taxpayers. Thank you for your support!