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Looking for the official initiative petition to Repeal the Death Tax? For legal reasons, it can’t be printed at home, but you can get it here: HJTA.org/RepealTheDeathTax

Today, pro-tax politicians outnumber taxpayer allies by 61 to 19 in the State Assembly, by 29 to 11 in the State Senate. So, frequent and intense Petition Campaigns are now essential to protect homeowners from higher property taxes…and to prevent the weakening or repeal of Proposition 13.

That’s why the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association now makes Petitions available online. Just download & print the PDF Petition below and return as many as you like from you and your friends and family.

Please share this page, and encourage friends to download a Petition to build our Tax Revolt power to protect you, all homeowners, and Proposition 13!

Spread the word! Encourage Petitions! Sign the Petition! Protect
Proposition 13!