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Legislative Updates

As one of the largest grassroots anti-tax organizations in the nation, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association relies on the support of our Members, which allows us to influence legislation and protect taxpayers. Please use “Contact Your Representative” to the right of this page to urge your representative to support taxpayers when voting on the following important bills.

NOTE TO HJTA MEMBERS: For an updated status on any of these bills, please go to http://leginfo.ca.gov/bilinfo.html and type in the bill number in the space provided. For questions regarding a position on a bill, please contact HJTA Legislative Director David Wolfe at david@hjta.org.

HJTA PositionBillTopicStatusAuthorDescription
OpposeACA 4Local government financing: affordable housing and public infrastructure: voter approval.Assembly Local GovernmentAguiar-CurryLowers the two-thirds vote requirement for both bonds and special taxes?a direct attack on Proposition 13?to 55 percent in order to fund affordable housing programs.
OpposeSCA 3Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval.Senate Appropriations CommitteeDoddLowers the current Constitutional vote requirement for local bonds to fund library projects from two-thirds to 55% and thus erodes the taxpayer protections found in Proposition 13
OpposeSCA 6Local transportation measures: special taxes: voter approval.Senate Appropriations CommitteeWienerIn a direct attempt to erode Proposition 13, lowers the current constitutional vote requirement for special taxes (including sales and parcel taxes) to fund local transportation projects from two-thirds to 55 percent.
OpposeSB 231Local government: fees and charges.Assembly FloorHertzbergAttempts to unconstitutionally amend Proposition 218 in state statute to add billions of dollars of stormwater fees to be paid by California homeowners without a vote of local residents.
HJTA PositionBillTopicStatusAuthorDescription
OpposeAB 18California Clean Water, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.Senate Natural ResourcesE. GarciaWould place a $3 billion park bond on the 2018 ballot. With voter-approved money from the last bond measure not yet spent on parks, we question whether this is a prudent use of bond dollars.
SupportAB 65Transportation bond debt service.Assembly Transportation CommitteePattersonProhibits the use of truck weight fees from being used to pay off Proposition 1A high speed rail debt. HJTA believes that truck weight fees should be used to repair our roads, not fund a train to nowhere.
OpposeAB 71Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: farmworker housing.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeChiuEliminates the mortgage interest deduction on a second home and uses the revenue generated to fund affordable housing programs. HJTA opposes this bill as a tax increase on property owners.
SupportAB 252Local government: taxation: prohibition: video streaming services.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeRidley-ThomasProhibits a city or county from placing any taxes on a video streaming service or imposing a utility user tax with the intention of taxing streaming services. The prohibition expires January 1, 2023.
OpposeAB 274Sales and use taxes: exemption: food products.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeCristina GarciaImplements the provisions of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 2 by removing the repeal of the voter approved "snack tax."
SupportAB 351Transportation fundingAssembly Transportation CommitteeMelendezShifts approximately $1.1 billion of annual truck weight fees from paying off transportation bond debt to instead funding road repair and maintenance programs. Truck weight fees should always go to repair damaged roads.
OpposeAB 398California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: market-based compliance mechanisms: fire prevention fees: sales and use tax manufacturing exemption.Signed by Governor BrownE. GarciaExtends California's existing cap-and-trade enviromental regulatory program through 2030, thus extending a "pay to pollute" scheme against 350 impacted industries. This will increase fuel costs up to an additional 71 cents/gallon.
OpposeAB 479Sales and use taxes: exemption: menstrual and incontinence products: alcoholic beverage taxes: distilled spirits: additional surtax.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeGonzalez FletcherPlaces a tax on distilled spirits in order to fund a sales tax exemption for diapers and feminine hygiene products.
SupportAB 496Transportation funding.Assembly Transportation CommitteeFongProposes numerous solutions to increase General Fund revenue for transportation projects without increasing taxes
OpposeAB 509Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program.Senate Enviromental Quality CommitteeFrazierEstablishes a new regulatory fee of up to $1.00/tire on retail sellers of new tires.
OpposeAB 668Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018.Senate FloorGonzalez FletcherPlaces a $450 million General Obligation Bond on the 2018 ballot to fund voting machines. Among other reasons, HJTA is concerned that the life cycle of the voting machines probably won't match the 30-40 year repayment of these bonds.
OpposeAB 709Sacramento Regional Transit District.In SenateMcCartyModifies the Sacramento Regional Transit District?s (SRTD) authority to impose a sales and use tax. AB 709 allows SRTD to impose a sales tax increment of 1/8 of one percent or a multiple thereof.
OpposeAB 747Taxation: nitrogen-based fertilizer application: County of Monterey.In SenateCaballeroAuthorizes Monterey County to impose a special tax on the application of fertilizer.
SupportAB 1165Property taxation: base year value transfers.Senate Governance and Finance CommitteeGloriaExtends the base year value transfer eligibility to any person with a disabled child who resides in the home
OpposeAB 1250Counties and cities: contracts for personal services.Senate FloorJones-SawyerEstablishes numerous provisions that will make it more difficult for local government entities to save taxpayer dollars by contracting services out to private entities.
OpposeAB 1324Metropolitan planning organizations: transactions and use taxes.Assembly Local Government CommitteeGloriaAuthorizes a regional transportation planning agency or metropolitan planning organization to expand, increase or extend a sales tax in only a portion of their jurisdictional boundaries. HJTA is troubled by this bill because it would allow county/regional agencies to essentially ?cherry-pick? its electorate to get a sales tax approved.
OpposeAB 1356Higher Education Assistance Fund: personal income taxes: additional tax.Assembly Higher Education CommitteeEggmanImplements the provisions of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13
SupportAB 1363Transportation revenuesAssembly Transportation CommitteeBakerRequires that miscellaneous transportation revenue from Caltrans be placed in the road repair and maintenance account
OpposeAB 1436County highwaysSenate Governance and Finance CommitteeLevineCurrent law authorizes the Board of Supervisors of a county, by a 4/5 vote of its members, to adopt a resolution allowing that various street projects funded by existing revenues be approved. AB 1436 would lower this threshold to 3/5.
OpposeAB 1506Residential rent control: Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.Assembly Housing CommitteeBloomRepeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, allowing single-family homes to once again be potentially subject to rent control.
OpposeAB 1678Public agencies: political activities: dedicated fund.Senate Elections CommitteeBermanAllows a school or community college district to engage in public financing of campaigns by via the establishment of a dedicated fund for political activism. It is HJTA's belief that such a bill needs approval from statewide voters per the Political Reform Act. There are no such provisions in the bill.
OpposeACA 2Sales and use taxes: food products.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeCristina GarciaRepeals the 25 year old voter approved initiative to repeal the "snack tax." The result will be a billion dollar tax increase on items ranging from cookies, to granola bars, to bottled water.
SupportACA 6School facilities: bonded indebtedness: vote requirement.HarperRepeals the provisions of Proposition 39 (2002) that allowed for the threshold for local school bonds to drop from two-thirds to 55%. HJTA is in favor of retaining the supermajority threshold for all long-term debt
SupportACA 7Property taxation: intercounty base year value transfers.BocanegraSee Assembly Bill 1322.
OpposeACA 11California Middle Class Affordable Housing and Homeless Shelter: funding.CaballeroIncreases the California state sales tax, the highest in the nation, by a quarter cent in order to fund affordable housing programs and homeless shelters.
OpposeACA 13Public education: Higher Education Assistance Fund: appropriations limit: minimum funding requirements for school districts and community college districts.EggmanImposes an additional one percent income tax increase for those making over a million dollars a year in order to provide universal higher education.
SupportSB 7School district and community college district bonds: project information.Senate Education CommitteeMoorlachRequires a school or community college district to create a facilities master plan, with cost estimates, before a local bond is approved.
SupportSB 9State responsibility areas: fire prevention fees.Senate Natural ResourcesGainesRepeals the likely unconstitutional California Fire Prevention fee
SupportSB 348County voter information guide: taxpayer notice.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeLeyvaUnder current law, taxpayers or other interested parties have 60 days following an election to file a legal challenge against the validity of a special tax. SB 348 requires a notice be placed in the county voter pamphlet for every special tax stating that most legal challenges must be made within 60 days or the validity of the tax cannot be challenged.
SupportSB 609Elections: local initiative and referendum measures.Senate Elections CommitteeVidakAuthorizes a county elections official, upon certifying an initiative, to immediately place it on the ballot for which it qualifies.
OpposeSB 640TaxationSenate Governance and Finance CommitteeHertzbergIncreases sales and use taxes by at least $10 billion annually via broadening the sales tax to cover various services.
OpposeSB 726Taxation: estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxes.Senate Governance and Finance CommitteeWienerImposes a new 40 percent estate tax on many Californians, despite the fact that voters repealed it via a ballot measure decades ago
OpposeSB 562The Healthy California Act.Assembly RulesLaraEstablishes a single-payer universal health care system
SupportSCA 9Property tax: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system.In AssemblyGlazerAllows for a property tax exemption to incentivize the capture of rainwater for storage and use
HJTA PositionBillTopicStatusAuthorDescription
SupportAB 77Regulations: effective dates and legislative review.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeFongRequires the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to submit major regulations (those with a cost of over $50 million) to each house of the Legislature for approval. The regulation would not take effect if the Legislature adopted a statute to override it.
OpposeAB 102The Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act of 2017: California Department of Tax and Fee Administration: Office of Tax Appeals: State Board of Equalization.Signed by Governor BrownCmte on BudgetRepeals large portion of the California State Board of Equalization and in its place establishes two new tax agencies
SPONSORAB 195Local initiative measures: ballot printing specifications.Signed by Governor BrownObernolteHJTA-sponsored bill that clarifies that the rate, duration and amount of revenue to be raised needs to be included in the ballot label for all local tax measures.
SupportAB 198Personal income taxes: deductions: first-time home buyers.Assembly Appropriations CommitteePattersonAllows a tax deduction on various fees associated with closing costs for first time home buyers
OpposeAB 249Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures.Signed by Governor BrownMullinAmends the Political Reform Act with a numbersome of burdensome and restrictive new reporting requirements, including a black box around your television screen during political advertisements.
SupportAB 288State responsibility areas: fire prevention fees: amnesty program.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeObernolteExtends the amount of time to both pay the fire prevention fee and file a valid petition for redetermination from 30 days to 60 days. This common-sense proposal will make it easier for taxpayers to follow the law while dealing with this potentially illegal fee.
SupportAB 449Income taxes: administration.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeCalderonCurrently, a person who fails to file a tax return or furnish information in a timely manner can be subject to a demand penalty as high as 25 percent of the tax. AB 449 adjusts this percentage down to 15 percent. HJTA supports common-sense tax relief bills for average California taxpayers.
SupportAB 536Counties: federal funding.Assembly Judiciary CommitteeMelendezStates that a county need not comply with state law if an approved law results in the loss of any federal funding.
OpposeAB 765Local initiative measures: submission to the voters.Signed by Governor BrownLowEliminates the ability of taxpayers to force a special election on local initiative measures. Because local voters need to gather substantially more signatures to force a special election, taking away this discretion is unnecessary.
SupportAB 775Vote by mail ballots.Assembly Elections CommitteeHarperRequires that a private courier service that delivers absentee ballots provide proof that they received the ballots on Election Day.
SupportAB 782California Health Insurance Fairness Act: personal income tax: deduction: medical insurance.Assembly Revenue and Taxation CommitteeAcostaMakes all out-of-pocket health care expenses including insurance premiums and doctor visits tax deductible. This will make it easier for individuals to deduct medical expenses if they exceed the current 7.5% gross income federal cap.
OpposeAB 805County of San Diego: transportation agencies.Signed by Governor BrownGonzalez FletcherProvides additional bond and sales tax authorization authority to two new local entities in San Diego: San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and North County Transit District (NCTD).
SupportAB 985Elections: voter identification.Assembly Elections CommitteeAllenRequires an eligible citizen to present one of eight different forms of valid identification to be able to vote.
SupportAB 1100Taxation: homeowners? exemption and renters? credit.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeChenIncreases the Homeowners' Exemption for property owners by $180 annually.
SupportAB 1174Right to work: labor organizations.Assembly Labor CommitteeHarperEstablishes California as a "Right to Work" state. It would prohibit requiring an employee to become or remain a member of a labor organization; pay any dues or fees; or, give to a charity/third party in lieu of dues or fees.
OpposeAB 1189Riverside County Transportation Commission: transactions and use tax.Signed by Governor BrownE. GarciaAuthorizes the Riverside County Transportation Commission to impose a new sales tax rate of no more than one percent if local voter approval is achieved.
SPONSORAB 1194Elections: local government measures: ballot text.Signed by Governor BrownDababnehAdds transparency for local bond measures by requiring that information be included in the voter information guide showing both how much your property taxes will increase as a result of the bond being approved, and when taxes to pay off the bond will cease being collected.
OpposeAB 1274Smog check: exemption.Signed by Governor BrownO'DonnellIncreases smog abatement fees by $10 over a two-year period for vehicles in years seven and eight of ownership.
SupportAB 1322Property taxation: intercounty base year value transfers.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeBocanegraAllows individuals to transfer their Proposition 13 base property tax value to a home of equal or lesser value across all California counties if they are over the age of 55. Current law only allows this to occur within one's current county of residence or in ten other counties.
SupportAB 1333Political Reform Act of 1974: local government agency notices.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeDababnehCommon-sense transparency proposal requiring a local public agency to provide notice on its website and in any electronic newsletter of a pending bond or tax increase presented to voters
SupportAB 1442Bonds: transportation: water projects.Assembly Transportation CommitteeAllenRepeals the unsold High Speed Rail bonds and uses the money to fund water storage projects. Would require voter approval
SupportAB 1509San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.Assembly Appropriations CommitteeBakerProhibits the ability of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) to divert existing General Funds currently spent on maintenance and operations to other priorities
OpposeAB 1512Opioid Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation Act.Assembly Revenue and Tax CommitteeMcCartyPlaces a one-cent/milligram tax on opioids to fund abuse prevention programs.
OpposeAB 1598Affordable housing authorities.Signed by Governor BrownMullinExpands the use of bonds to be used in a new form of redevelopment, Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities (CRIA), without a vote of the people.
OpposeAB 1613San Mateo County Transit District: retail transactions and use tax.Signed by Governor BrownMullinExisting law states a requirement that the combined rate of all sales taxes in a given county not exceed two percent. AB 1613 would increase this maximum amount in San Mateo County to 2.5 percent.
SPONSORAB 1625Inoperable parking meters.Signed by Governor BrownRubioAllows an individual to park at a broken parking meter or kiosk for up to four hours in most instances without incurring a ticket.
SupportACA 3Elections: initiatives and referenda.Assembly Elections CommitteeKileyRemoves the Legislature and the Attorney General from the process of providing ballot material content. Instead, the non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office would write the circulating and pamphlet ballot label, title, and summary for all measures put before voters.
OpposedACA 5Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit.On statewide ballot in 2018FrazierSupposedly protects the new transportation revenue generated by Senate Bill 1 from being used for purposes other than transportation, but the measure includes numerous flaws which would allow funds to continue to be diverted.
OpposeSB 1Transportation funding.Signed by Governor BrownBeallPermanently increases gas taxes by 19 cents/gallon, diesel taxes by 20 cents a gallon, and car taxes by an average of $50, adjusted for inflation
OpposeSB 2Building Homes and Jobs ActSigned by Governor BrownAtkinsIn an effort to fix California's affordable housing crisis, this bill adds a $75/per document recording tax on most real estate transactions, including refinances, modifying a loan to avoid foreclosure, and establishing a reverse mortgage.
OpposeSB 3Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018.Signed by Governor BrownBeallPlaces a $4 billion General Obligation bond on the November 2018 ballot to fund affordable housing.
OpposeSB 5California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018.Signed by Governor BrownDe LeonWould place a $3 billion park bond on the 2018 ballot. With voter-approved money from the last bond measure not yet spent on parks, we question whether this is a prudent use of bond dollars.
OpposeSB 96State Government.Signed by Governor BrownCmte on BudgetDelay's recalls from qualifying for the ballot by changing provisions that have been in place for 110 years with 72 hours notice and without any legislative hearings.
SupportSB 181Administrative Procedure Act: repeal of regulations.Senate Governmental OrganizationBerryhillSimilar to a recent Executive Order imposed at the federal level, SB 181 would require the California executive branch to repeal two regulations for every new regulation implemented.
SupportSB 246Property tax: base-year value transfers.Vetoed by Governor BrownBatesAllows a disabled homeowner who used their disability exemption and transferred their property tax base-year value prior to the age of 55 to still be able to transfer their standard base-year value. Individuals shouldn't lose a property tax break because of a disability they cannot control.
SupportSB 341School bonds: citizens? oversight committee: member terms.Vetoed by Governor BrownWilkExpands the number of terms that an individual can serve on a school district Proposition 39 bond oversight committee from three to six, or a total of 12 years.
SupportSB 414Transportation bonds: highway, street, and road projects.Senate Transportation CommitteeVidakRepeals the existing unsold General Obligation Bonds for the California High Speed rail system and instead uses the funds for road repair and maintenance projects
SupportSB 415High-speed rail: rights-of-way.Senate Transportation CommitteeVidakRequires the California High Speed Rail Authority to sell or exchange property if it is no longer needed for HSR purposes within three years.
OpposeSB 483Education finance: Higher Education Facilities Bond Act of 2018.Senate Appropriations CommitteeGlazerAuthorizes a $2 billion General Obligation bond to fund capital facilities projects at UC and CSU schools.
OpposeSB 595Metropolitan Transportation Commission: toll bridge revenues: BART Inspector General: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: high-occupancy toll lanes.Signed by Governor BrownBeallAuthorizes all Bay Area bridges, with the exception of the Golden Gate Bridge, to impose up to an additional $3 toll and have it adjusted for inflation. The measure does need majority voter approval from the nine-county Bay Area region before it can be implemented.
SupportSB 665Elections: ballot measures.Signed by Governor BrownMoorlachAdds helpful criteria to assist a County Registrar of Voters to determine the order by which ballot arguments should be published in the voter information guide.
OpposeSB 703Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda and cities of La Puente and Santa Fe Springs.Signed by Governor BrownSkinnerAllows the Legislature to authorize a higher sales and use tax of .5% for Alameda County, thus potentially allowing the county to increase the tax beyond what is currently permissible in statute.
SupportSB 742City treasurersSigned by Governor BrownMoorlachRequires all cities that issue bonds to adopt uniform accounting standards routinely used by the federal government.
OpposeSB 797Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board: transactions and use tax.Signed by Governor BrownHillAuthorizes the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, with the approval of voters in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, to levy a sales tax not to exceed 0.125% in order to fund CalTrain.
SupportSCA 7California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act: repeal.Senate Elections CommitteeMoorlachRepeals Proposition 71 (2004) the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act
SupportSR 39Proposition 13Senate Governance and Finance CommitteeMorrellCommemorates via resolution the 39th anniversary of Proposition 13