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HJTA is constantly active in both the Capitol and in the courts. To learn more about current HJTA legal cases on behalf of taxpayers.

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Learn About Legislative Action

Learn how HJTA goes to bat for taxpayers against well-funded politicians and special interests in Sacramento. Often, HJTA is your only line of defense!

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Legislative Updates

Keep up to date on important legislative bills that directly affect your tax bill. You can also see which legislation we support or oppose, and why.

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Legislative Report Cards

Every year, HJTA gives a grade to your state representatives based on their actual voting record on tax issues. Find out which legislators received A’s last year…and who got F’s!

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Contact Your Representative

Find the name, phone, e-mail and address of your state and federal representatives and use our letter templates to contact them.

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These important cases have made historic strides in California taxpayer protections. Learn more about these monumental legal battles.

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