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Privacy Policy

HJTA respects the privacy of online donors and visitors to our website. HJTA does not sell or rent e-mail addresses or other personal information collected here. However, HJTA does work closely with allied organizations, public officials and candidates, and other political groups and may share with them to further our purposes basic contact information or poll responses you provide to us. The information that you submit on this website will be shared with these entities in the following ways. Signatures for petitions: Your name and city of residence will be collected and used to submit petitions to the California State Legislature. E-mail addresses for HJTA newsletters: Your e-mail address will be collected and used to send you weekly e-mails from HJTA at your request. Names and addresses for joining or donating to HJTA: Your name, residential address and e-mail address will be collected for record-keeping purposes if you join HJTA or donate $15 or more to HJTA, regardless of whether you opt in to receive HJTA communications. All e-mail distributions for newsletters and alerts are securely managed and controlled by HJTA, and list members who wish to unsubscribe may do so at any time by following simple instructions included with every message. Personal information collected, transmitted and stored during the online donation process is sent to a secure server. HJTA does not collect information about donors or visitors through other sources, such as public records or private organizations.

We reserve the right to revise or update this privacy policy at any time.