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California Commentary

Each week, HJTA President Jon Coupal provides insightful analysis of taxpayer issues in Sacramento. Sign up here to receive this influential weekly column by e-mail.

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Latest News

HJTA tracks all the news stories that affect you as a California taxpayer, including topics that the mainstream media ignores, and helps you be an informed voter at election time.

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Press Releases

Whether you are a member of the media, an HJTA member or a concerned taxpayer, you can see where we stand and what we’re doing to protect Prop. 13 in our latest press releases.

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Events Calendar

Check our calendar for local, state and national events that you can get involved in.

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The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association official newsletter, Taxing Times, keeps Californians up-to-date on the latest news and happenings from your HJTA, THE taxpayers’ resource.

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