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Without Proposition 13, the average annual property tax for a home with that value would be:

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Before Proposition 13, property tax was based on the assessed market value of your home. Proposition 13 made property taxes affordable and predictable by using purchase price as the base and capping the property tax rate at 1%. (Before Prop. 13, the statewide average property tax rate was 2.67%.)

Prop. 13 also limits annual increases in the base to 2%, regardless of any changes in market value, AND makes it harder for politicians to raise other taxes, requiring a two-thirds vote instead of a simple majority.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) has protected Proposition 13 for 40 years...

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* Note: The estimated property tax amount calculated above is based on pre-Prop. 13 tax rates, which averaged 2.67%. Please consult your property tax bill for your actual property tax amount.

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