After 30 years Prop. 13 still winner with California voters poll shows

A just-completed survey of California voters shows that Proposition 13 Howard Jarvis’ landmark tax limitation measure approved by two-to-one in 1978 has overwhelming support today.

The survey of 801 voters conducted by Arnold Steinberg and Associates Inc. reveals that about 48 percent support Proposition 13 while 20 percent are opposed and about 32 percent are undecided. When provided with information about what Proposition 13 does – placing limits on annual property tax increases and requiring voter approval of new local taxes – support swells to landslide proportions with 60.4 percent in favor 26.6 against and 13 percent undecided.

These results are consistent with a recent Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) survey that showed 59 percent of respondents thought Proposition 13 was good for the state while 27 percent disagreed.

The survey conducted between May 15 and May 22 represents a statistically valid cross-section of the California electorate and gave respondents the option of being interviewed in Spanish.

“Voters clearly recognize that Proposition 13 benefits all homeowners whether they bought 20 years ago or last week by making taxes predictable” commented Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association president Jon Coupal. “By limiting increases to no more than 2% each year property owners no longer have to fear the nasty surprises the tax bill could bring under the ‘no limit’ system in place prior to Proposition 13.”

To view the survey questions and results go to 2813_CalFinalAGG.pdf

To read the analysis by pollster Arnold Steinberg go to AR_Analysis_Memo.pdf