Today (12) the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association released the results of a poll which shows that a proposed ballot measure seeking to lower the two thirds vote for local bonds would face significant hostility from California voters. "The results of the poll are especially important given that Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 8 (ACA 8) is currently pending in the California Senate" said HJTA President Jon Coupal. ACA 8 is a proposed constitutional amendment which barely passed the Assembly last year. It would lower the currently mandated two-thirds vote threshold for local bonds to 55%.

The survey was conducted by the respected polling firm Probolsky Research and found that likely voters in the November 2014 general election by a 56% to 31% margin thought that easing Proposition 13 limits by lowering the two-thirds vote for local bonds would place an unfair burden on property owners. The question posed to respondents was as follows:

    "California law requires that local bonds for roads water projects transit systems and public buildings be approved by a two-thirds vote of local voters. Unlike state bonds local bonds are repaid only by property owners with a property tax that is above the one percent cap imposed by Proposition 13. There is a proposal to reduce the vote requirement from two-thirds to 55% making the bonds much more likely to pass. Which of the following statements most closely matches your view?"

  1. "Making it easier to pass these bonds is important so California can rebuild its crumbling infrastructure."
  2. "Making it easier to pass these bonds places an unfair tax burden on property owners. Government needs to do a better job of using the revenue it already receives."

With a margin of error of +/- 3.5% 55.9% opposed the change 31.4% supported the change and 12.8% were unsure.

"These poll results are very illuminating" said Coupal. "Not only do they suggest that voters believe they are overtaxed generally but when they find out that a proposal like ACA 8 is actually an attack on Prop 13 they are even less likely to support lowering the two-thirds vote. Should ACA 8 make it on the ballot – something we are trying hard to prevent – we will make sure voters understand the damage it will inflict on Prop 13. After 36 years Prop 13 still enjoys wide support among California voters irrespective of party affiliation."

Please click here to view the polling report.