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HJTA is always working to get the message out to every California taxpayer that Proposition 13 is protecting homes and families. With that in mind, we’ve enhanced our Spanish-language communications.

Our website at www.HJTAEspanol.org now features a Spanish translation of the Guessing Game, the popular calculator that estimates how high the taxes would be on any property today if Proposition 13 had never passed.

The Guessing Game is now shocking California homeowners in two languages.

www.HJTAEspanol.org also features our neighborhood handout in Spanish. This convenient flyer helps our Members introduce friends and neighbors to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the work we do to fight for taxpayers. The handout includes a tear-off membership form that makes joining HJTA quick and easy. It can be downloaded and e-mailed or printed to share. Tell a friend, or dile a un amigo!

Our informative booklet about property taxes, Understanding Proposition 13 and How to Read Your Property Tax Bill, is now available in Spanish. For printed copies of the booklet or the Dile a un amigo handout, please call our office at 213-384-9656 or e-mail info@hjta.org.