(PR) Tea Party Set to Converge on CA State Capitol

Thousands & Thousands to Protest Eco-Tyranny Government Over-Regulation

Water issue AB 32 a hot topic due to loss of livelihood Jobs;
Major backers of event include Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Sacramento — In response to crippling government over-regulations and oppressive taxes the Tea Party Patriots announced today it is set for a major protest on the steps of the California State Capitol in two weeks on Friday August 28.

During the massive event which is sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association thousands and thousands of California farmers families loggers and taxpayers will converge on the steps of the Capitol to protest the growing oppressive Government over-regulation and Eco-Tyranny foisted upon the public by an overzealous government.

Hot topics will include:
‰_¢ A government shutdown of water pumps in Northern California that has turned vast swaths of once-fertile farmland into a dustbowl. The shutdown which has led to 40% unemployment in rural farming towns has been argued by environmentalists to protest a 2-inch long “minnow” but in effect the government’s decision has turned California’s farmers into an endangered species by devastating their livelihoods.
‰_¢ The far-reaching “Global Warming Solutions Act” known as AB 32 which leading scientists say will do nothing to stop global warming but instead costs $4000 per California family $50000 per small business and a total loss of business at $180 Billion.
‰_¢ High oppressive Taxes that continue to come from California’s State Legislature. The Tea Party said it on April 15th they said it on May 19th and they’ll say it again: no new taxes.

“Californians are in no mood for more government regulation and taxation” said Mark Meckler California Tea Party Patriots Co-Coordinator and National Tea Party leader. “Sacramento is about to hear from the folks they’ve been keeping under their thumb on everything from water to jobs to taxes to environmental over-regulation. The voice of the people will be heard loud and clear on 8/28.”

Tea Party Patriots will charter buses from Redding to San Diego and believe turnout could exceed that of the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party rally.

“Taxpayers are fed up with near-criminal fiscal mismanagement of our state” said Jon Coupal President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association a major backer of the Tea Party event. “We are in the midst of a Tax Revolt we haven’t seen since Prop. 13 Politicians would be wise to take note that Taxpayer demand real solutions to our problems instead of the tired old policies of higher taxes and more regulation things which have gotten into this mess.”

Special guests will include Congressman Tom McClintock local Radio Talk Show Eric Hogue talk radio host Andy Caldwell and many more. Event details will be unveiled in the coming days.

For more information the public can visit the official event website: http://www.Sac828.com.