(PR) Report details billions in government waste

Sacramento – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation has released a new report titled "Follow the Money" detailing government waste fraud and abuse uncovered in 2013.

The report offers examples of irresponsible spending including a 13000 square foot mansion for UC President Janet Napolitano the mishandling of hundreds of millions in ratepayer money at the Public Utilities Commission and billions in mental health money spent without oversight as to its effectiveness.

The Foundation even cites a State Senate Oversight Office investigation that found school districts stole millions of dollars meant to feed poor children.

"Taxpayers can be sure in 2014 the politicians will propose even higher taxes" said Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation Chairman Jon Coupal. "If they’re going to ask taxpayers for more money we first have to ask whether they’ve spent their existing revenues responsibly. If you read the report you will see that they have not."

The Foundation emphasizes the report includes only a sampling of high profile instances of waste that have been discovered through media or governmental investigations.

"If so much waste was uncovered just in the last year an even more troubling question is ‘how much waste is still hidden that has not yet been exposed?’" asked Coupal.

For more information on the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation and to read Follow the Money a copy of the report can be downloaded here.