(PR) New Radio spot highlights State Parks scandal: “What else are they keeping from you?”

Click here to download the Ad.

Sacramento ‰ÛÒ The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today it has launched a new blitz of radio ads to educate voters about the recent spending shenanigans in Sacramento ‰ÛÒ including the State Parks “hidden funds” scandal.

The new radio spot features HJTA President Jon Coupal alerting taxpayers “These same politicians just gave hundreds of staffers pay raises. They approved the bullet train against the wishes of most Californians. And now after Jerry Brown announced the closure of 70 state parks we find out the State Parks Department has been hiding $54 million dollars.” Then the ad asks “What else are they keeping from you?”

The spot goes on to highlight the scare tactics politicians are using to force tax increases on the working people of California all while offering little to no reforms on pensions spending and government accountability.

HJTA asks listeners to stand with thousands of fellow Californians by clicking here to sign a petition to the Governor and Legislature demanding reforms not higher taxes.