(PR) Jarvis Taxpayers Association Issues Final Ballot Recommendations

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) has issued its final recommendation on state ballot measures, while the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (HJTA-PAC) has released it candidate endorsements.

HJTA is advocating a yes vote on Proposition 2 to establish a prudent budget reserve and a no vote of no on Proposition 46 that could increase medical costs for average Californians.

The Association had taken no position on the Proposition 1 water bond. Taxpayers understand the state has serious water needs, however, Proposition 1 would add over $7 billion to what is already a level of debt that requires 7.2 percent of the general fund to be directed to debt repayment, leaving less money available for other programs. For more information please click here.

HJTA-PAC has issued its final candidate endorsements for the November 2014 election. A recommendation has not been made for every statewide office. The primary focus of the endorsements are state legislative races, because it is in the Legislature that most attacks on Proposition 13 originate. For a list of endorsed candidates and more information, please click here.

Additionally, as a service to voters, HJTA provides a summary and analysis of all statewide ballot measures as well as links for additional information. To access the 2014 Ballot Initiatives please click here.