(PR): Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association launches radio ad campaign for Yes on Proposition 6

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the most influential taxpayer advocacy group in California, launched a statewide radio ad campaign Monday in support of Proposition 6, the repeal of the gas and car tax increase.


“This unfair tax is making it harder for Californians to afford the cost of living,” said Jon Coupal, president of HJTA. “We were already paying some of the highest gas and car taxes in the country, yet the roads were not maintained. And now the politicians want to blame that on taxpayers and force every family to pay more to drive to work and to pay higher prices because of higher transportation costs.”


Coupal pointed out that Gov. Brown signed the tax increase, Senate Bill 1, despite having campaigned on a promise that there would be no new taxes without a vote of the people.


“Proposition 6 repeals this huge tax hike and guarantees that future increases in the gas and car tax must be approved by voters,” he said.


The 60-second radio ad is running in all major markets throughout California.