(PR) HJTA takes on Jerry Brown over Prop. 13

Where does Jerry stand now?

Sacramento — At last night’s Gubernatorial debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman Jerry Brown refused to defend Proposition 13.

Just ten minutes into the debate moderator Tom Brokaw asked whether the candidates would protect Prop. 13 ‰ÛÒ a measure which not only protects homeowners in California but also helps stabilize local government property tax revenues. Meg Whitman vowed to protect Prop. 13 as a critical piece to California’s overall economic stability. Jerry Brown on the other hand said that nothing is off the table in regards to Prop. 13 and said "There are no sacred cows over the long term."

Is this yet another flip-flop in Jerry Brown’s history with Prop. 13?

First he campaigned against it in 1978 calling Prop. 13 a "rip-off" and a "consumer fraud" while accusing Howard Jarvis of "demagoguery." Brown even stated that Proposition 13 was really a "long-term tax increase."

After the tax limiting measured was approved by 65 percent of voters in the June election he rushed to embrace it so much so that he earned the nickname "Jerry Jarvis" and polls taken just before the November election in which he stood for reelection showed a majority of voters believed he had supported Prop. 13.

"Hundreds of thousands of homeowners would be out in the street if not for Proposition 13" said Jon Coupal. "They — and we –want to know exactly where Jerry Brown stands and they want to know now! "

Jon Coupal is available to the Media for comment on this topic today.