(PR) HJTA Sends Joint Letter to Business Community

Sacramento CA ‰ÛÒ The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in California issued a joint letter late this afternoon to the business community as talk circulated of attempts by Governor Brown to drum up support for the largest tax increase in State history.

The letter which was sent just before 5p.m. today to “California’s business leaders and organizations” outlines two pages’ worth of data and reasons why supporting a massive tax increase at this time in California’s economy would be devastating including: the State’s ranking as the second-highest unemployment rate in the U.S.; the third-highest income tax in the nation; a harsh regulatory climate that continues to drive businesses away; and high capital gains taxes property taxes (both commercial and residential) and high gasoline taxes.

“We call upon the business community to do the right thing for all Californians who are anxiously awaiting relief ‰ÛÒ any relief ‰ÛÒ from the terrible tax-and-spend policies in Sacramento” said Jon Coupal President of HJTA. “We hope that business leaders and their organizations will step up to the plate here for the good of all hardworking Californians and hold the line on taxes.”

The joint HJTA and NFIB letter to the business community can be read here.