(PR) HJTA Report Card on Lawmakers

More than half earn an “F” grade

Sacramento — Sacramento lawmakers received their grades today and over half the class is failing according to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

HJTA annually analyzes the votes of legislators and assigns them a letter grade. Out of 120 members of the Legislature 73 received a grade of "F"
for 2009. On the other end of the spectrum 29 received a grade of "A."
Only two Joel Anderson and Diane Harkey received perfect scores.

Lawmakers have to work very hard to fail. Voting for taxpayers’ interests just over 30 percent of the time earns a better grade.

"Sadly many of these politicians are so dedicated to picking taxpayers’
pockets that they have no shame" continued Coupal. "Some may actually regard their ‘Fs’ as a badge of honor."