(PR) HJTA PAC Rips Phony Tax Group as Special Interest Front

Sacramento ‰ÛÒ Jon Coupal President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association exposed the Motherlode Taxpayers Association as a fake taxpayer organization funded by a quarter-million dollars from Sacramento special interests.

The group appears to have been set up in the last 60 days in the 5th Assembly district which includes parts of El Dorado County Placer County Calaveras County and more. Coupal said that he had never seen a taxpayer group created so quickly and in control of such a massive amount of money.

He also noted that fake taxpayer groups like this undermine legitimate taxpayer organizations ‰ÛÒ like the Howard Jarvis organization.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC yesterday reaffirmed the endorsement of Rico Oller over Frank Bigelow and has been critical of Bigelow votes to undermine Proposition 13 and make it easier to raise billions of dollars in new property taxes.