(PR) HJTA Launches New Initiatives Guide

Sacramento — The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has launched a new website giving California taxpayers objective information on the initiatives that will appear on the November 4 ballots.

The new website which can be accessed at http://www.CAInitiatives2014.org offers latest news related to the propositions brief summaries of each proposal and short descriptions of arguments for and against.” The site also offers links to the text of the measures themselves and links to the websites of campaigns on both sides.

Among the important measures that will appear on the ballot are two that could affect Californians’ access to healthcare and a water bond proposal that some believe could help solve the state’s chronic water shortages.

“This time of year airwaves are saturated with millions of dollars in deceptive political advertising” said HJTA President Jon Coupal. “Voters need to examine the measures for themselves and then come to their own conclusions. This new website will be a valuable tool to help people make their decisions based on facts and not misleading political ads.”

The website will be updated regularly as developing news occurs and as additional campaign organizations are launched.