(PR) HJTA to host workshop on Prop. 13 at CRP convention

Los Angeles – As Sacramento’s special interests continue to urge tax increases the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is preparing to hold a workshop at the upcoming California Republican Party Convention in Los Angeles.

This workshop scheduled for Saturday September 20th from 10:00 ‰ÛÒ 11:30 am at the LAX Marriott will be an opportunity for activists to learn about threats to Proposition 13 new tax increase schemes coming from Sacramento and how to effectively fight back. In addition the expert panel will help guests to more fully understand Prop. 13 California’s landmark taxpayer protection which was passed in 1978.

Those who attend the workshop will hear from the following taxpayer authorities:

Jon Coupal President HJTA
How Prop. 13 limits tax increases and defending Prop. 13 in 2014

Joel Fox Small Business Action Committee and Fox and Hounds Daily
History of Prop. 13

Michael A. Shires Pepperdine University
The plan to eliminate Prop. 13 for businesses and how it would devastate California’s economy

Robert Ming Mayor Laguna Niguel
How Prop. 13 strengthens local communities

Susan Shelley State Assembly candidate
How to mobilize voters with Prop. 13

“Unfortunately some powerful figures in the majority party want to do away with Prop. 13. One even went so far as to say he wanted to ‘nuke’ Prop. 13” said HJTA President Jon Coupal. “The prospect of a Democratic supermajority could leave Californians vulnerable to attempts to raise taxes on the already-overtaxed people of our state.”

People who are interested in attending this and other informative events at the CRP convention can pre-register here.