(PR) HJTA Asks Court to Demand Release of San Diego County Employee Retirement Association Pension Information

Sacramento — The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has petitioned the Superior Court of California in San Diego to force the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (SDCERA) to disclose public records as it relates to employee pensions.
The legal action comes after SDCERA rebuffed a Public Records Act request seeking a list of retirees receiving a gross monthly pension benefit exceeding $100000 per year. The PRA request asked for retired employees’ names their last employing agencies and the amount of their monthly benefits.

"The public has a right to know about public employee pensions which they pay for with their tax dollars" said Jon Coupal President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. “No county is too far from the reach of the law nor from the light we will continue to shine upon the runaway pension train that is further pushing California’s finances off the tracks."

Three recent Superior Court decisions in other counties ‰ÛÒ Orange County Contra Costa County and Stanislaus County ‰ÛÒ sided with Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in ruling that the pension information of public employees is public record.
Under the California Constitution citizens have a constitutional right to information concerning "the people’s business." Additionally the California Public Records Act allows access to information concerning "the conduct of the people’s business as a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state."

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is representing Marcia Fritz and the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility in this matter.