(PR) Californians in “misery” over high taxes

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Sacramento – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today it launched a new radio ad blitz to inform voters about the higher taxes and misleading facts within Proposition 30.

The radio spot "Misery" features a woman discussing the high prices of gas groceries and clothing for kids. It points out that Proposition 30 will make everything we buy more expensive.

The spot goes on to discuss how families are struggling to make ends meet and asks "Higher taxes? Is that the only thing politicians can think of?"

The new ad also features HJTA’s president Jon Coupal who says "Proposition 30 is just another tax increase that will kill the state economy drive people and businesses out of California and make families poorer. In fact it’s a $50 Billion shell game that doesn’t guarantee ANY new money for schools. None. Prop 30 is a dirty trick on taxpayers."

California imposes the highest State sales tax in the nation and second highest income tax rate – Proposition 30 would increase both.

The group has made a significant Statewide buy that includes Sacramento Los Angeles the Central Valley the Inland Empire Coastal areas and other markets.

The ad is paid for by No New Taxes – No on 30 a Project of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association with major funding by Protect Prop. 13 A Project of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Jerry Perenchio.