“Proposition 13 Benefits all Homeowners.”

Los Angeles – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today (15) it is launching a radio campaign to inform California homeowners of how they benefit from Proposition 13.

The radio spot features HJTA President Jon Coupal who says, “By limiting annual increases, Proposition 13 makes property taxes predictable from year to year.  This doesn’t just benefit senior citizens who worry about losing their homes.  It benefits all homeowners.”  And Coupal demonstrates how Proposition 13 has made homeownership more affordable for recent home buyers.

Listeners are invited to visit the HJTA website, www.hjta.org, and download a free guide to taxpayers’ rights under Proposition 13.

The taxpayer organization’s radio spot will run statewide during the next two weeks and will include Sacramento, Los Angeles, as well as coastal and inland area markets.

Click here to listen to the ad.