HJTA PAC Endorsements for the June 7, 2022, California Primary Election

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Michael Shellenberger

Lanhee Chen
State Controller

Lance Christensen
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ted Gaines
Board of Equalization, District 1

Peter Verbica
Board of Equalization, District 2

Erik Peterson
Board of Equalization, District 4


Scott Jones
Kevin Kiley
Dual endorsement, alphabetical
U.S. Congressional District 3

Tamika Hamilton
U.S. Congressional District 6

Max Semenenko
U.S. Congressional District 7

David Giglio
U.S. Congressional District 13

Jay Obernolte
U.S. Congressional District 23

Mike Garcia
U.S. Congressional District 27

Lucie Volotzky
U.S. Congressional District 32

Michelle Steel
U.S. Congressional District 45

Scott Baugh
U.S. Congressional District 47

Brian Maryott
U.S. Congressional District49


George Radanovich
Senate District 4

Roger Niello
Senate District 6

David Shepard
Senate District 16

Kelly Seyarto
Senate District 32

Janet Nguyen
Senate District 36

Matt Gunderson
Senate District 38


Joe Patterson
Assembly District 5

Cathy Cook
Assembly District 6

Josh Hoover
Assembly District 7

Liz Lawler
Assembly District 28

Vicki Nohrden
Assembly District 30

Vince Fong
Assembly District 32

Devon Mathis
Assembly District 33

Thurston “Smitty” Smith
Assembly District 34

Mike Stoker
Assembly District 37

Suzette Valladares
Assembly District 40

Lori Mills
Assembly District 42

Phillip Chen
Assembly District 59

Bill Essayli
Assembly District 63

Ted Bui
Assembly District 70

Diane Dixon
Assembly District 72

Laurie Davies
Assembly District 74

Kristie Bruce-Lane
June Cutter
Dual endorsement, alphabetical
Assembly District 76


Jon DeVille
El Dorado County Assessor

Roxanne Beckford Hoge
Los Angeles County Board of
Supervisors, District 3

Jeff Prang
Los Angeles County Assessor

Pat Bates
Diane Harkey
Dual endorsement, alphabetical
Orange County Board of
Supervisors, District 5

Claude Parrish
Orange County Assessor

Shari Freidenrich
Orange County Treasurer

Jeff Hewitt
Riverside County Board of Supervisors District 5

Bob Dutton
San Bernardino County AssessorRecorder

Jordan Marks
San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk

Every registered voter will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot in early May. In-person voting and early in-person voting are also available. To register to vote, visit RegisterToVote.ca.gov, or go to VoterStatus.sos.ca.gov to check your current voter registration.

Paid for by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association State PAC.
Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.