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ATRM Report


By Eric Eisenhammer, Director of Grassroots Operations

As a member of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, you also enjoy dual membership in the American Tax Reduction Movement (ATRM), an organization begun by Howard Jarvis himself to be a resource to taxpayers nationwide.

Our passage of Proposition 13 in 1978 is widely credited as the beginning of a nationwide taxpayer revolt with political ramifications across the country. Forty years later, ATRM continues to work with taxpayers from around America in support of lower taxes and more fiscally responsible government.

In Nevada, we have collaborated with state and local elected leaders and pro-taxpayer volunteers on an effort to repeal the state’s hated “commerce tax.” This tax was rejected by nearly 80 percent of the state’s voters when it was put on the ballot in 2014, but was imposed by the State Legislature anyway the following year.

Nevada’s state controller organized a petition drive to put the measure back on the ballot for a repeal. And while this effort failed to meet the required signature threshold, the issue continues to be a main part of the state’s political conversation, coming up repeatedly in forums held prior to the state’s recent primary. In fact, every Republican gubernatorial candidate, including the primary winner, has pledged support for repealing this tax.

In Texas, a taxpayer movement is also afoot and working in collaboration with ATRM. With its generally low taxes and pro-business policies, Texas has been the beneficiary of the greatest West to East migration in American history. This migration has in many ways benefited Texas, bringing new jobs from companies fleeing California and other high-tax states. However, this state of affairs has also led to sharp increases in property values, and with no system of property tax limitation in place, taxes have often risen commensurately.

ATRM has been in communication with Texas taxpayers working on solving this problem. And while Texans enjoy a much more sympathetic state government than Californians, they also must battle entrenched special interests who support constant increases in “revenue.”

In response to the grassroots clamor for action, Governor Greg Abbott has made property tax reform a key element of his policy agenda, stating on his official website:

No government should be able to disregard the private property rights of its citizens. We must remember: Property owners should not be RENTING their land from the city. We need property tax reform that prevents cities from raising property taxes without voter approval. We need serious property tax reform with a real revenue cap.

While our focus is on protecting Prop. 13 in California and preventing unnecessary tax increases here, through ATRM our efforts reverberate far outside California’s boundaries.

We recently launched a Facebook page for ATRM with updates both on national tax discussions in Washington and on state-level efforts of taxpayer movements around the country.

You can “like” ATRM on Facebook at Facebook.com/AmericanTaxReduction, and then don’t forget to share it with your friends!