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By Eric Eisenhammer, HJTA Director of Grassroots Operations

With the election around the corner, many Californians are dealing with information overload when it comes to politics. Promises and accusations fly back and forth on every media channel, and separating fact from fiction becomes a challenge for citizen taxpayers.

That’s why your Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association offers analysis and recommendations online at www.hjta.org as well as tools you can use to get involved as an advocate for taxpayer rights.

Proposition 13 is under direct attack this year. You can request a yard sign or join with other taxpayers as a volunteer by clicking Support the campaign to protect Prop. 13.

Other tools you can use to become a more informed voter include our Legislative Report Card, which grades elected officials on how reliably they voted in support of taxpayer interests; endorsements of candidates and recommendations on ballot measures from the HJTA Political Action Committee; and HJTA’s Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers, which candidates running for any office are invited to sign.

Our main social media pages — facebook.com/HowardJarvis and twitter.com/HJTA — also offer ways for you to be involved. In addition to sharing action items and news that exposes Sacramento’s corruption, we also like to offer taxpayers creative ways to engage in the fight.

To celebrate Proposition 13’s recent 42nd birthday, we invited taxpayers to make their own videos and share them with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayProp13. Among the notable leaders who responded with videos, which are posted on our Facebook page, were Assembly Member Tom Lackey, Rocklin Councilmember Joe Patterson, California Farm Workers & Families President Jesse Rojas, Central Valley Taxpayers Association President Chris Telfer and Contra Costa Taxpayers Association President Sue Pricco.

With travel restrictions ruling out some of the engagements we once could do in person, we’ve also been using social media and Zoom to participate in online town hall meetings around California.

Are you part of an organization that would like to request an online presentation (or an in-person presentation, circumstances permitting)? We’d love to hear from you! Simply e-mail Debra@hjta.org, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.