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Guess no more! Your property taxes may be a game to politicians but not to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the taxpayer's resource. Enter the estimated current market value of your home to find out how much you could be paying in property taxes without Proposition 13.

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Before Proposition 13, the market value of your home was also the approximate assessed value of your home, and the statewide average tax rate on property was 2.67 percent of assessed value. Without Proposition 13, your annual property taxes would be approximately...

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Proposition 13 limited the assessed value of property to the purchase price plus two percent per year, and cut the tax rate on property to one percent of the assessed value. And it made it harder for politicians to raise other taxes, requiring a two-thirds vote instead of a simple majority.

Protect Proposition 13. It has been protecting California taxpayers since 1978.

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* The estimated property tax amount calculated above is based on pre-Prop. 13 taxation levels. Please consult your property tax bill for your actual property tax amount.

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