Will you help us reject the gas tax increase?

Your Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is working to repeal the increase in the gas and car taxes that Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature forced on Californians last year. These tax increases were said to be needed for road repair, but much of the money will instead go to boondoggle spending projects. 

Californians have been paying high taxes all along that should have been used to maintain the roads, but the money was diverted to other uses, and the politicians raised taxes again.

Our campaign to Reject the Gas Tax has joined with the efforts of others to form a powerful, broad-based coalition. We are working to qualify an initiative for the November 2018 ballot that will repeal the gas and car tax hikes and require voter approval of similar tax hikes in the future. We need nearly 600,000 signatures.

Will you help us?

We need your signature to help repeal this outrageous tax increase. It’s easy. Just go online to RejectTheGasTax.com and download the official petition, which you can then print, sign and return to us.


Longer petitions, with room for 15 signatures, are also available. Call our office if you would like petitions mailed to you. Our Sacramento office is 916-444-9950, and our Los Angeles office is 213-384-9656. You can also email us at info@hjta.org.

By law, we have a limited amount of time to collect the signatures needed to qualify the initiative for the ballot, so please visit RejectTheGasTax.com and download an official petition today. 

You can also help by donating to Reject the Gas Tax, a committee sponsored and funded by No New Taxes, a project of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Donate online by clicking here. If you’d prefer to donate by mail, please click here to download the donation form

Thank you for joining the California tax revolt!

Best regards,

Jon Coupal

P.S. You may have heard about a different initiative to repeal the gas tax, one that was proposed by Assemblyman Travis Allen, which has been stopped. I’m pleased to tell you that Travis Allen has now joined our coalition, and our initiative continues to move forward with great momentum. Download and sign the petition today! And thank you for your support.


Paid for by Reject the Gas Tax, a Committee sponsored and funded by No New Taxes,

a Project of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association