The news is not good — scores decline after recent upswing — majority of legislators flunk.

Sacramento, CA — HJTA has released its 2016 Legislative Report Card grading lawmakers on their votes on issues important to taxpayers. The Report Card is a non-partisan tool to help taxpayers hold legislators accountable.

Of the 120 members of the Legislature, 76 received a grade of “F” while 27 earned an “A” grade.   Votes on 22 bills were used to score legislators. These reflect a range of policy issues including new tax and regulatory burdens, and positive proposals that include bills that clarify the parcel tax exemption process for seniors and create additional campaign finance transparency

“It is sad to see these declining scores in an election year,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.  “It appears some lawmakers, in their quest for campaign cash, were willing to put powerful special interests before the  interests of average taxpayers.  We hope taxpayers will review this scorecard carefully before making their decisions at the ballot box.”

Seven lawmakers received a perfect score. For Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, it was their second consecutive 100 percent.  The full list includes:

  • State Senator Ted Gaines
  • State Senator Jim Nielsen
  • Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes
  • Assemblywoman Shannon Grove
  • Assemblyman Matt Harper
  • Assemblyman Jay Obernolte
  • Assemblyman Don Wagner

To review the Report Card in its entirety and to see how individual representatives scored, please click here. For more information about our methodology and scoring system go to hjta.org or e-mail Legislative Director Scott Kaufman at: scott@hjta.org.