HJTA says “YES on 6” with new radio ad campaign

Repeal the gas and car tax hike, says the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in a new radio ad campaign for “Yes on Proposition 6.”

Nearly a million California voters signed petitions to put the repeal of the tax hike on the ballot.

Proposition 6 would repeal Senate Bill 1, the 2017 tax increase that added 12 cents to the price of a gallon of gasoline, 20 cents to a gallon of diesel, and $25 to $175 to the annual cost of registering a vehicle.

“This tax increase was unnecessary and has greatly added to the cost of living, which was already too high in California” said HJTA president Jon Coupal. “Working families are paying hundreds of dollars a year in extra costs for the higher taxes and the higher price of everything that’s transported by truck.”

Proposition 6 would also change the California constitution to require voter approval of any future increases in car and gas taxes.

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