HJTA attorneys continue to fight illegal fire tax

Hundreds of thousands of rural Californians are receiving fire tax bills. This tax has added an additional burden to people living in communities that are already struggling economically and, although Sacramento politicians used recent fires to justify the tax, not a penny of the money collected is providing additional CalFire service nor even going to assist local fire departments fight fires.

While Proposition 13 says new taxes must be passed with a two thirds vote of each house of the Legislature, politicians bypassed the two thirds vote requirement by labeling the fire tax a “fee.” Our attorneys filed a class action lawsuit, demanding the state repeal the fire tax and return the money they have collected. Unfortunately, the state’s lawyers are using stalling tactics to drag out the legal process, but we continue to fight on behalf of the affected property owners. We are currently in the “discovery” phase of the lawsuit, where we have requested the state produce relevant documents to be considered by the judge.

To keep informed on the progress of this lawsuit, please go to firetaxprotest.org where you can sign up to be sent regular updates.