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HJTA Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers

These candidates have signed the
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers

Candidates in California for any office are invited to sign this pledge. Click here to download it.

I hereby make the following pledge:
I support Proposition 13, the initiative constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1978 to
limit taxes and give taxpayers greater control over taxation.
I believe Proposition 13 is fair, valuing property for tax purposes as of the date of purchase and
allowing only limited annual increases for inflation, in order to prevent the taxation of “paper
I believe taxpayers have a right to vote on all tax increases.
I support California’s system of citizen access to the initiative process.
I believe that a two-thirds vote of the electorate should be required to approve local bonds
that must be repaid by property owners.
I support the Right to Vote on Taxes Act, Proposition 218, passed by voters in 1996 to
strengthen the right of local taxpayers to vote on taxes and require a vote of property owners to
approve assessments on property.


Kristie Bruce-Lane
Assembly District 76

Thurston “Smitty” Smith
Assembly District 34

Gerrie Schipske
Mayor of Long Beach

Kelly Seyarto
Senate District 32

Christine Bish
US Congressional District 6

Mike Garcia
US Congressional District 27

Matthew Harper
Board of Equalization District 4

Clint Lorimore
Assembly District 63

Joe Patterson
Assembly District 5

Claude Parrish
Orange County Assessor

Bilal Essayli
Assembly District 63

Peter Verbica
State Board of Equalization District 2

Phillip Chen
Assembly District 59

David Giglio
US Congressional District 13

Bill Spinney
US Congressional District 39

Josh Hoover
Assembly District 7

Ted Gaines
State Board of Equalization District 1

Devon Mathis
Assembly District 33

Michele Stephens
Madera County Supervisor District 1

June Cutter
Assembly District 76

Erik Peterson
State Board of Equalization District 4

Tri Ta
Assembly District 70

Ted Bui
Assembly District 70

Mike Stoker
Assembly District 37

Jon DeVille
El Dorado County Assessor

David Hillberg
California State Lieutenant Governor

Johnny Khamis
Santa Clara County Supervisor District 1

Matt Gunderson
Senate District 38

James Bradley
United States Senate

Megan Dunn
Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District 2

Juan Alanis
Assembly District 22

Lori Mills
Assembly District 42

John Duarte
US Congressional District 13

Cathy Cook
Assembly District 6

Gary Michaels
Assembly District 47

Jenny Le Roux

Joe Lisuzzo
Senate District 28

Lance Christensen
CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

Gia D’Amato
Assembly District 52

Shawn Collins

Mark Pazin
Assembly District 27

Anthony Angelini
Conejo Recreation and Park District

Denis Bilodeau
State Board of Equalization District 4

Dean Kunicki
Ventura County Board of Supervisors

Lori Mills
Assembly District 42

Kelly Tanner
Assembly District 1

Brian Maryott
US Congressional District 49

Robert Newman II

Jeff McKay
Senate District 4

Geoff Auslen
San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors District 2

Lucie Volotzky
US Congressional District 32

Matt Brock
US Congressional District 4

Jesse Armendarez
San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, District 2

Ted Nordblum
Assembly District 42

Burton Brink
Assembly District 49

Cole Brocato
Assembly District 38

Jonathan Madison
US Congressional District 9

Soo Yoo
Assembly District 67

Luis Cetina
San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, District 2

Robert “Bobby” Macaulay
Madera County Board of Supervisors District 5

Marie Manvel
State Board of Equalization District 3

Ian Weeks
Assembly District 36

Matt Rahn
Assembly District 71

Paid for by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association State PAC
Not authorized or paid for by a candidate for any office or a committee controlled by a candidate for any office.