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HJTA Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers

During election cycles, the names of candidates who have signed the Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers will be listed here.

Candidates in California for any office are invited to sign this pledge. Click here to download it.

I hereby make the following pledge:
I support Proposition 13, the initiative constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1978 to limit taxes and give taxpayers greater control over taxation.
I believe Proposition 13 is fair, valuing property for tax purposes as of the date of purchase and allowing only limited annual increases for inflation, in order to prevent the taxation of “paper profits.”
I believe taxpayers have a right to vote on all tax increases.
I support California’s system of citizen access to the initiative process.
I believe that a two-thirds vote of the electorate should be required to approve local bonds that must be repaid by property owners.
I support the Right to Vote on Taxes Act, Proposition 218, passed by voters in 1996 to strengthen the right of local taxpayers to vote on taxes and require a vote of property owners to approve assessments on property.


During election cycles, candidates for any office who sign HJTA’s Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers, stating their support for Proposition 13 and the Right to Vote on Taxes Act, will be listed on this page.

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