Hertzberg bill kills incentive for smart water management

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg attempted to justify the latest plan to take more of your money in a column appearing in the Los Angeles Daily News.  But his plan would result in precisely the opposite of what he claims and would simply be another fleecing of California homeowners.

Sen. Hertzberg states the obvious when he says that California needs to increase its water supply.  But for decades, instead of working to meet California’s need for more water, the majority party in Sacramento has done nothing but saddle California taxpayers with bond debt.  Voters were told these bonds would expand water supply.  Only with the last several years of drought did we find out that no new water sources or water storage facilities were ever built.  Consequently, the shortage got so bad that last year we were forced to ration water.

True to form, Hertzberg’s Senate Bill 231 does nothing to increase California’s water supply.  In fact, it does the exact opposite.  It ensures that a potential source of new water will be wasted.

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