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HJTA Heritage Society

Many members of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association say they wish they could give more to support our work to preserve the benefits of Proposition 13, both for themselves and their heirs, but they’re on a fixed income and cannot afford to give more than they already are.

Planned gifts in particular allow many donors to provide support at a level higher than would otherwise be possible. HJTA can assist you with legal and tax counsel to help you to understand how to make planned gifts through wills, trusts and gift annuities in order to determine which is best for you. In turn, HJTA will be able to use these contributions to build an endowment to ensure that future generations enjoy the tax saving benefits of Proposition 13.

The history of property taxes in California shows that government can be cruel and ruthless when it comes to collecting property taxes. Prior to Proposition 13, thousands of property owners, many retired, were losing their homes to the tax collector. In 1978, millions of Californians joined the tax revolt and passed Proposition 13 to put an end to arbitrary tax increases.

If you are considering or would like to discuss joining the HJTA Heritage Society and making a planned gift to see that these taxpayer benefits are in place for our children, grandchildren and their children, please contact HJTA VP of Communications, Susan Shelley at susan@hjta.org or call her at 213-384-9656.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is grateful for the support of its current Heritage Society Members.