Measure seeks to clarify existing law after recent court decision

Sacramento, CA – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today (11) they will be working with lawmakers to introduce legislation to ensure that taxpayers have access to important information when considering local tax measures.  Specifically, any tax measure would be required to list the tax rate, duration, and estimated revenue that it is intended to generate.  This information would be placed in the ballot label, which is typically the last thing voters see before making a decision on a measure.

This move comes in response to a recent trial court decision regarding Los Angeles County Measure M, a sales tax increase for transportation that is on the November ballot.  Opponents argued that the ballot label did not provide sufficient information for taxpayers to make an informed decision.  But in a surprising decision, the trial court ruled that 2015 legislation sponsored by HJTA, AB 809 requiring full disclosure of the cost to taxpayers, did not apply to measures placed on the ballot by local officials.

“It was absolutely our intent that the provisions of Assembly Bill 809 apply to all local tax measures,” said former HJTA Legislative Director David Wolfe.  “We will be returning to the Legislature to ensure that current law is appropriately clarified so that taxpayers have all the information they need to make informed decisions on tax increases like Measure M.”

“All Californians deserve good honest government,” said Carson Mayor Albert Robles – the city of Carson was a plaintiff in challenging the ballot label in court. “At the core of this basic fundamental truth is transparency,” continued Mayor Robles. “I am honored to join with the HJTA to fight for this most basic of principles, and I look forward to advocating for passage of laws in support.”

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