(PR): Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC Endorses John Cox for Governor

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (HJTA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed Republican John Cox in his campaign for Governor of California. Cox, a successful businessman and a leader of the effort to repeal the gas and car tax increases passed by the legislature last year without voter approval, is the leading Republican according to several public and private polls.

“It is critical to have a pro-taxpayer candidate at the top of the ticket in November,” said Jon Coupal, Chairman of HJTA PAC. “If two tax-and-spend progressives are the only candidates on the ballot after the primary, that hurts our ability to advance our continued protection of Proposition 13 and California’s beleaguered middle class.”

Coupal said the HJTA PAC Board of Directors was impressed by Cox, who has been an important coalition partner in the gas/car tax repeal effort. Coupal further stated that “John Cox has demonstrated an ability to work with a broad spectrum of people to accomplish difficult and important goals and to articulate a limited government and pro-property rights message.” 

Coupal also noted that the other Republican in the race, Travis Allen, has been an effective voice in the Legislature on behalf of taxpayers, receiving a 100 percent voting record with HJTA. “We wish Travis Allen the best, but it is now time for all California taxpayers to coalesce around the candidate who is best positioned to carry the pro-Prop 13 flag into November,” said Coupal.