The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is proud to name Andrea Seastrand as the 2016 Taxfighter of the Year.   Seastrand serves as President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA).  The organization works to inform and educate voters on important tax issues at all levels of government.  CCTA is constantly advocating for the protection of Proposition 13 and fights for the forgotten taxpayer.

The Taxfighter of the Year Award is presented annually to a citizen taxpayer who shows an exceptional dedication to protecting taxpayers, often including the contribution of a great deal of time and energy.  Howard Jarvis used to say the reason for the success of the campaign to pass Proposition 13 could be encapsulated in three words, “and then some.”  Those working to pass tax reform did what was required, “and then some.”  “If anyone personifies the Jarvis ideal, it is Andrea Seastrand,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.

To some, Seastrand may seem an unusual choice because she is a former member of the Assembly and the House of Representatives, and most of those elected to office end up more concerned about political donors than they are the taxpayers.  Seastrand is an exception.  She has been a vehement taxpayer advocate both in and out of office.

At the end of her time in Congress, the Los Angeles Times called her the “Promise Keeper,” saying she always stuck to her guns about big government.   Seastrand never voted for a tax increase and twenty years later she is still working hard for those who pay government’s bills.  She speaks to city councils, county supervisors and holds press conferences and rallies in defense of taxpayers.   Along with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, as President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, Seastrand recently filed a complaint with the FPPC over illegal electioneering by San Luis Obispo area governments on behalf of Measure J, a sales tax increase for transportation.

Commenting on the proposed tax hike, Seastrand showed her knowledge of how the “system” works and her fearless willingness to speak the truth in opposition.  “Those cheerleading for the sales tax are the very ones who will benefit through lucrative contracts, while the forgotten taxpayers, will pay 225 million dollars over nine years, and those cheerleaders will be back asking for more in nine years,” she said.

HJTA President Jon Coupal praised Seastrand for her contributions to our country, state and community, “We want to recognize Andrea and all those unsung taxpayer heroes who improve our lives by volunteering their time and energy to act as watchdogs over government.”