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Tax Revolt

OPINION: California is in De Facto Bankruptcy

California currently faces massive budget shortfalls that have yet to be effectively addressed. Greenhut argues our politicians have been unwilling to take on powerful government employee unions even as taxpayers stage Tea Parties and productive citizens flee the state for lower taxes in Nevada and Arizona.

Click Here to read the article.  Read more >>

ARTICLE: Protesters Rally Against Tax Hikes

This article in the Victor Valley's Daily Press covers the recent taxpayer rally against new tax policies that have devastated farms and raised local unemployment to nearly 40%. As HJTA President Jon Coupal stated in his address to protesters, "We are in the midst of a tax revolt we haven’t seen since Prop. 13. Politicians would be wise to take note that taxpayers demand real solutions to our problems instead of the tired old policies of higher taxes and more regulation, things which have gotten (us) into this mess."  Read more >>

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(PR) Tea Party Set to Converge on CA State Capitol

Thousands & Thousands to Protest Eco-Tyranny, Government Over-Regulation

Water issue, AB 32 a hot topic due to loss of livelihood, Jobs;
Major backers of event include Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Sacramento --- In response to crippling government over-regulations and oppressive taxes, the Tea Party Patriots announced today it is set for a major protest on the steps of the California State Capitol in two weeks, on Friday, August 28.  Read more >>

No Looking Back

Between now and the May 19th special election, taxpayers will be inundated with political advertising in support of Proposition 1A. The Governor's campaign team and the California Teachers Association are on track to spend well over $10 million trying to convince voters that this measure is reasonable budget reform.

Opponents, including virtually all taxpayer organizations, have their work cut out for them with a significantly less well funded, but very energized, grassroots effort to sink Prop. 1A.  Read more >>

What Can You Do to Fight Proposition 1A?