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Proposition 218

Background on Proposition 218

Proposition 218 came to the rescue of Proposition 13.  Read more >>

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Arnold's Tax Hikes: Wrong and Illegal

It is no surprise that fiscal conservatives in California are appalled at the breathtaking assault on taxpayers proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both activists and elected leaders -- usually Republicans -- have responded with either derision or laughter (with perhaps some expletives mixed in).  Read more >>

Scary Times Made Scarier By Property Tax Bills

For many, these are scary economic times as the value of homes and investments declines. Adding to the anxiety, property tax bills are arriving in mail boxes across the state.  Read more >>

L.A. Overcharging for Water

Koko the gorilla, a resident of the Los Angeles Zoo, had become quite adept at picking the pockets of the zoo keeper. One day Koko used the zoo keeper's key to let himself out of his cage, and ambled over to the snack shop. Climbing onto a bar stool, he grunted "Water." When the man returned with a bottle of Aquafina, Koko handed him a $20 bill from the zoo keeper's wallet. Guessing the gorilla wasn't too smart, the man gave Koko one dollar in change. "We don't get a lot of business from the animals here," the man remarked. Koko snorted, "At $19 for bottled water, I'm not surprised."

Koko is not the only Los Angeles resident paying too much for water. And the snack shop isn't the only water purveyor hoping that its customers aren't too smart.  Read more >>

No Tears for L.A.

The city of Los Angeles has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar. The city's hands are experienced at this maneuver, but they don't usually get caught. In this case, the California Court of Appeal has ruled that the city broke the law by imposing a tax increase on cell phone use that did not receive approval of voters.  Read more >>