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Proposition 13

Background on Proposition 13

On June 6th, 1978, nearly two-thirds of California's voters passed Proposition 13, reducing property taxes by about 57%.
Read Proposition 13 as it is enshrined in the California state constitution. Read the text of the initiative circulated to voters.  Read more >>

Proposition 13 Savings Chart

Estimate your tax savings by finding the year you purchased your home.

The savings amounts shown are based on the median sales price for homes in California for each year. If you bought your home for more than the statewide average, your tax savings — thanks to Proposition 13 and HJTA — are even greater.  Read more >>

Proposition 13 Has Made Everyone's Property Tax Reasonable

Proposition 13 has always had its critics. Lately, however, the criticism has been more widespread. Even some policy analysts who generally favor limited taxes and less spending have complained of an "inherent flaw" in Proposition 13.

Because Proposition 13 uses acquisition value (usually the purchase price) as a basis of taxation, it is possible for owners of identical side-by-side properties to have significantly different tax bills. In short, the system generally favors those who have owned their property longer.  Read more >>

What Do You Tell a New Neighbor About Proposition 13?

From time to time, HJTA members write and ask what to tell a new neighbor who just doesn't understand Proposition 13.

Those who have owned their homes for a while, easily see the value of Proposition 13. Many of us remember that before Proposition 13 the average property tax rate in California was three percent of assessed value and there was no limit on annual increases.  Read more >>