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California Commentary

Jon Coupal is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the former Director of Legal Affairs for HJTA. A recognized expert in California fiscal affairs, he has argued many tax cases before the courts.

California Commentary

Lawmakers Don't Think Rules Apply to Them

There should be, if there isn’t already, a consensus that the rules that apply to voting and the electoral process should not be manipulated for political gain.  Read more >>

To Be Well-Informed, Ignore Political Ads

The best informed voters will be those who ignore the millions of dollars of political advertising, much of which is designed to confuse voters, and who do their own research including looking at recommendations and analysis from organizations they trust.  Read more >>

More Politicians Should Visit the Real World

Call it political theater, or not, Neel Kashkari has illuminated a very important defect in the California governing class. That is that most Sacramento politicians are physically and psychologically removed from the severe problems faced by millions of Californians.  Read more >>

Jerry's Latest Boondoggle Threatens Property Owners

You’d think that with all the well deserved bad press heaped on the High Speed Rail debacle that Governor Brown would be a little more circumspect about mega-infrastructure projects which, presumably, he wishes to be the cornerstone of his legacy.  Read more >>

Lawmakers Focus on the Frivolous

Given California’s many serious problems, including high unemployment, a listless economy and drought, one might think our Sacramento politicians would not have time on their hands to promote laws that have no force or effect in California. But they would be wrong.  Read more >>