(PR) Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Releases 2011 Legislative Report Card

Majority of legislators flunk scores decline from 2010

Sacramento CA ‰ÛÒ The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association released its 2011 legislative report card today. The 22-bill scorecard reflects the broad priorities of the state’s largest taxpayer association and includes legislation related to tax & fee initiative and energy ratepayer issues.

A record number of legislators failed and only six Senate Republicans received an “A” grade. This occurred despite changes in the scoring system that guaranteed a C grade for those who voted with HJTA just half the time.

“California voters will be disappointed that so many of their state legislators voted against the interests of taxpayers and homeowners” said HJTA President Jon Coupal. “This scorecard reflects the views of average California families who want lower taxes the two-thirds vote protected and the right to vote on ballot measures important to them. For hard-working families these are non-partisan issues. But to a Legislature overwhelmingly dominated by special interests they are little more than a distraction. There is little wonder why the California Legislature has a dismal 12% approval rating one of the lowest in America.”

Five legislators received a rare perfect score. All were from the Assembly and four were freshman legislators participating in their first scorecard. They include: Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway Assemblymembers Tim Donnelly Mike Morrell Shannon Grove and Dr. Linda Halderman. For the second year in a row State Senator Lou Correa scored the highest among Legislative Democrats with a “C” grade. Over the last four years only ten legislators have received perfect scores.