(PR) HJTA Statement on Brown Budget: Rome is Burning but the Spending Continues

Sacramento CA ‰ÛÒ Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association president Jon Coupal released the following statement after Governor Jerry Brown’s 2012-13 budget was released today:

“Rome is burning and even Governor Brown himself says so. Yet the Governor and his Democrat counterparts in the Legislature fiddle while working families are taxed into submission. It is irresponsible to assume that billions of dollars in new tax revenue will suddenly appear while they move full-speed ahead on High Speed Rail a billion-dollar Cap & Tax scheme and numerous unsustainable entitlement programs.

“The addiction to overspending and higher taxes reflected in Brown’s budget is Exhibit A in the case for the long-needed reform of restoring the Gann Spending Limit. Fortunately voters will get that chance in November."