(PR) HJTA Invites Taxpayers to “March to Sacramento” to end Tyranny against the Taxpayer

New Radio spot hits the airwaves

Sacramento — The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today it has issued an invitation to Taxpayers across the state for a virtual “March to Sacramento” to end tyranny against the Taxpayer.

The march ‰ÛÒ which kicks off today with the release of a new Radio ad ‰ÛÒ invites Taxpayers to sign the “Declaration of Taxpayer Rights.” The Declaration states that Californians have a right to limited taxation the right to actually vote on tax increases and the right to economical equitable and efficient use of the Taxpayer dollars.

“Last year politicians passed the largest tax increase in state history ‰ÛÒ $12.6 billion dollars ‰ÛÒ costing the average family more than $1000” said Jon Coupal President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. “And they would have raised Taxes even further if it weren’t for the strong voice of the Taxpayers. The truth of the matter is the only thing that keeps the politicians from raising taxes again is fear of being exposed to the taxpayers.”

The Declarations from around the state will be delivered to the Legislature and the Governor during the Tax Day Tea Party on the Capitol steps on April 15th.