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HJTA was proud to participate in the 20th Annual H.O.M.E. Fair organized by the Consolidated Board of Realtists of Southern California, supporting home ownership in the Black community. HJTA’s Vice President of Communications, Susan Shelley, is pictured with event chair Larry Springs under the banner, “Black Homeownership Matters.” Susan is also pictured with author, business coach and senior estate planner Dr. Rosie Milligan, who was tremendously helpful to HJTA’s effort to inform the public, organize volunteers and collect signatures for the Repeal the Death Tax initiative.

HJTA President Jon Coupal was the guest speaker at the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce’s Valley Morning Insight event in Victorville. He’s pictured with Joseph W. Brady, president of the commercial real estate firm The Bradco Companies.

The Howard Jarvis Podcast was recorded on location at the Las Posas Country Club in Camarillo at an event sponsored by the Ventura County Taxpayers Foundation and Ventura County CoLAB, the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business. Before the podcast began, Jon spoke about the importance of local taxpayer groups becoming actively involved as watchdogs over cities, counties and special districts that put tax increases on the ballot.

Through its No New Taxes committee, HJTA battled to defeat two tax increases on the ballot in the City of Los Angeles.