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By Eric Eisenhammer, HJTA Director of Grassroots Operations

One of the questions we’re asked most often is, “How is HJTA going to protect Proposition 13?” The answer, of course, is that we’re all going to protect Proposition 13 — all of us, working together.

Everything you’ll need to know can be found here on our Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association homepage; however, here’s a brief tour:

(1) Our Tell-a-Friend neighborhood handout is a two-page printable flyer that can also be e-mailed. It’s designed to provide a quick overview of the work HJTA does to protect taxpayers, and it includes a convenient tear-off membership application. The Tell-a-Friend flyer is also available in Spanish. For printed copies, call our Los Angeles office at 213-384-9656 or our Sacramento office at 916-444-9950.

(2) See your shocking tax bill if we LOST PROP. 13 and show your friends and neighbors how high their property taxes would be if Proposition 13 had never passed. Our Guessing Game tax calculator will show you the scary what-if tax bill. Simply type in the current market value of any property and press the button. (Before Prop. 13 passed in 1978, property tax assessments were based on current market value, and the statewide average tax rate was 2.67%.) You can even use a smartphone to try the calculator. Go to www.GuessingGame.org and show your neighbors what their tax bill would be without Prop. 13. Make sure they’re sitting down.

(3) Support the campaign to Protect Prop. 13. HJTA’s special campaign committee, Protect Prop. 13, is dedicated to working on ballot measures — supporting the ones that are good for taxpayers and opposing the ones that are bad. You can donate to the campaign, sign up to volunteer and even sign up to get a free yard sign when they are available. The yard signs will be printed after we know the assigned numbers of the propositions that will be on the statewide ballot. Reserve yours in advance! You can sign up here or call our offices.

Election information for voters:
(4) You can find the HJTA Political Action Committee’s latest candidate endorsements and recommendations on ballot measures here. New for 2020 is our (5) HJTA Pledge to Stand Up for Taxpayers. Candidates who have signed the pledge will be listed on this website.

Mark your calendar: The primary election is earlier than usual, March 3, 2020.

It’s going to take a united effort by all of us to protect Proposition 13 and California taxpayers. You know you can count on HJTA. And we’re counting on you, too!