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This reached over 30,000 people.


By Eric Eisenhammer, Director of Grassroots Operations

Our social media outreach complements the coverage taxpayers receive in traditional media, and thanks to an engaged and fast-growing following, social platforms greatly amplify our message.

With over 23,500 followers between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are reaching a huge audience. In the last three months, our posts earned 2.3 million impressions, or eyeballs on content we shared, and over 100,000 engagements. In this same period, we also gained nearly 1,000 new fans.

Besides simply conveying our message to a lot of people, our social media also reaches diverse age groups, introducing younger taxpayers to a perspective they may not hear about from their liberal college professors.

Sacramento’s overregulation, high taxes and easily apparent corruption and dishonesty make the political class a deserved target for humor. In the Capitol, the lobbyists and politicians have the power, and their ridiculous claims are treated as serious arguments. The discussions that take place there are the embodiment of “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” However, on social media they don’t have the power and we can make fun of them in the way they deserve.

In addition to mocking the political elite, our social media platforms give us the ability to share valuable resources with a wide audience, including our annual Follow the Money reports documenting instances of waste, fraud and abuse in our government, online calculators letting taxpayers find the precise cost of proposed tax increases such as Los Angeles County’s controversial stormwater parcel tax, Jon Coupal’s weekly commentaries, and action alerts on important pending legislation.

Nineteen million Californians have Facebook accounts and millions more are on Twitter and Instagram. The days when reporters and major media outlets could decide what information you have access to are now in the past.

Beyond our main pages, we also have created social media profiles for HJTA PAC to share news related to national politics and supporting our endorsed candidates.

If you’re not following us now, look us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and if you are, share our pages with your friends so they can be in the know as well!