The following are the only official recommendations made by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee. (Please note that HJTA and HJTA-PAC do not provide recommendations on all initiative measures or in all candidate elections.)


The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association takes positions on issues of direct concern to taxpayers. We also may take positions on ballot measures that will impact the economy because, we know from hard experience, that when government revenues decline, officials are quick to react with higher taxes.

This elections cycle, HJTA has taken a stand on five of the 17 statewide ballot measures.

Prop. 51, School facilities bond: VOTE NO
This 9-billion-dollar bond would add to what Gov. Brown has described as California’s “Wall of Debt.” We can’t afford more debt, the repayment of which diverts money from other important programs.

Prop. 53, Stop Blank Checks: VOTE YES
Stop Blank Checks will close loopholes that allow politicians to commit to revenue bond debt without voter approval. No Blank Checks will ensure that California voters will have a say on all major state bond-funded projects over $2 billion.

Prop. 54, Legislature Transparency Act: VOTE YES
This measure would prohibit lawmakers from passing any bills until they are published on the Internet and in print for at least 72 hours before the vote occurs.

Prop. 55, Extension of Income taxes: VOTE NO
When voters approved an income tax increase in 2012, the politicians promised the increase would be temporary. Now, with Prop. 55, they want to extend the highest marginal income tax rates in all 50 states.

Prop. 56, Tobacco Tax Increase: VOTE NO

Another effort to funnel more money into efforts overseen by government entities, which excel at squandering much of the taxpayer money they already receive.

Measure M, Los Angeles County half cent sales tax increase: VOTE NO
The MTA wants another half cent, a forever tax, to keep it rolling in spite of declining ridership.


The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee endorses candidates based on their support for Proposition 13 and taxpayers’ rights. The primary focus of HJTA-PAC is on candidates for the State Legislature, which is the source of most of the attacks on Proposition 13.
HJTA-PAC is non-partisan, but we find that Republican candidates tend to be more supportive of Proposition 13 than are Democrats.
HJTA-PAC does not endorse in all races. Among the reasons can be: There is more than one qualified candidate; there are no qualified candidates; no candidate was interested in an HJTA-PAC endorsement. Choices in many races will be more clear in the general election.

Here are the only officially HJTA-PAC endorsed candidates for the November 8, General Election.

House of Representatives

CD 1 Doug Lamalfa
CD 6 Robert Evans
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 Steve Knight
CD 26 Rafael A. Dagnesses
CD 31 Paul Chabot
CD 33 Kenneth Wright
CD 36 Jeff Stone
CD 45 Mimi Walters
CD 47 Andrew Whallon

State Senate

SD 1 Ted Gaines
SD 5 Alan Nakanishi
SD 17 Palmer Kain
SD 21 Scott Wilk
SD 23 Mike Morrell
SD 25 Mike Antonovich
SD 27 Steve Fazio
SD 29 Ling Ling Chang
SD 31 Richard Reed
SD 37 John Moorlach
SD 39 John Renison

State Assembly

AD 1 Brian Dahle
AD 3 James Gallagher
AD 6 Kevin Kiley
AD 8 Nick Bloise
AD 9 Tim Gorsulowsky
AD 12 Ken Vogel
AD 23 Jim Patterson
AD 26 Devon Mathis
AD 33 Jay Obernolte
AD 34 Vincent Fong
AD 35 Jordan Cunningham
AD 36 Tom Lackey

AD 38 Dante Acosta
AD 40 Marc Steinorth
AD 42 Chad Mayes
AD 44 Kerry Nelson
AD 48 Cory Ellenson
AD 55 Phil Chen
AD 60 Eric Linder
AD 65 Young Kim
AD 66 David Hadley
AD 67 Melissa Melendez
AD 68 Steven Choi
AD 70 Martha Flores-Gibson
AD 71 Randy Voepel
AD 72 Travis Allen
AD 73 Bill Brough
AD 74 Matthew Harper
AD 75 Marie Waldron
AD 79 John Moore


(Because of thousands of local candidates, HJTA-PAC does not endorse unless the office seeker can demonstrate a clear and lengthy record of working on behalf of taxpayers, or if they have worked directly with HJTA on a taxpayer related project.)

Fresno Co. Dist. 5 Alex Ott
El Dorado Co. Dist. 1 Beth Gaines
Orange Co. Dist. 1 Andrew Do
Riverside Co. Dist. 1 Keven Jeffries
Riverside Co. Dist. 3 Shellie Milne
Sacramento Co. Dist. 4 Sue Frost
San Luis Obispo Co. Dist. 1 John Peschong
Sutter Co. Dist. 5 Barbara LeVake, Mat Conant (dual endorsement)


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This advertisement was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for any office or a committee controlled by a candidate for any office.