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Jerry Brown

OPINION: California dreaming that its debt woes are over

Katherine Timpf of the Washington Times points out that despite Governor Brown touting a "balanced" budget and an end to California's fiscal crisis, the state still faces a $28 billion deficit.

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OPINION: The Great California Government Union Swindle

On the tail of a recent study by Bloomberg confirming public sector employee compensations are overly generous, lays out the history of California governance starting with Governor Brown's first term that has lead to this drastic increase, which is now threatening to bankrupt many municipalities and driving the state further into the fiscal red.

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OPINION: Dan Walters: Democrats win big in California, but now what?

In his column for the Mercury News, Dan Walters warns that while Proposition 30 may claim victory for now, the new taxes are temporary, while much of the spending they finance is permanent, and the measure makes California even more dependent on a few high-income taxpayers, which makes revenues even more volatile.

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NEWS: Prop. 30's big donors include big companies

Wyatt Buchanan of the SF Gate reports on the list of big companies throwing financial support behind Governor Brown's tax-raising Proposition 30, including Disney, Sony, CBS, NBC, Viacom, Warner Bros. and other entertainment businesses

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OPINION: Proposition 30: Excusing California's Inadequacy

Katherine Timpf of International Business Times criticizes the California State University system for telling students their enrollment maybe dropped if Proposition 30 isn't passed and argues that Governor Brown set up the budget in order to blackmail taxpayers into approving the tax increases.

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